white kitchen

Kitchen remodeled with white-painted cabinets.

Martin Scudder Custom Cabinets and Remodeling

Martin has nearly 40 years of building experience, specializing in new construction, remodeling and restoration work around Roanoke, Salem and the New River Valley.

Martin is focused on customer satisfaction with your budget in mind. We support our local suppliers! He likes to use the term "co-creating the project with the customer,, helping to guide the customer with the selection of products, materials, and styles.

Mountain Lighthouse always looks for ways to complete jobs as efficiently as possible. We take care of 95% of the job, from initial consultation and custom design work to demolition and installation of sheetrock, paint, tile, wood floors, cabinets and vanities.

Martin Scudder, with Bob Eich of Windy Hollow Construction, have had a working relationship for over 30 years. You will find we are courteous, respectful, non-smokers who endeavor to bring you the best quality product at the most affordable price possible. We will treat your job as if it were in our own home!

Featured Projects

Mountain Lighthouse

Ceramic tile, cabinets and remodeling for kitchens, bathrooms and stairways.

Contact Martin with questions or to request a free estimate:

540 239-1221